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When is it OK to be unethical?


Stan's image 1There are a multitude of books, authors and public speakers that can provide an opinion on this topic, but how many of them are available to you just at the moment when you encounter difficult situations?  Unless you just finished reading a book or listened to a speaker that detailed just the experience that you are encountering, then you are left to fall back on the basic tenets of good ethical behavior, probably taught to you by your parents, coaches and business leaders.

Ethical dilemmas can occur at anytime and anywhere in your journey through your personal and your business life.  I don’t plan to talk about an issue in someone’s personal life as I will leave that to be guided by parents, religion and your own life experiences.  However, I would like to talk about the challenges of facing such a situation in the business world.  In particular, I would like to talk about the recruiting process and the behavior of the parties on both sides of the interview process.