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A few weeks ago, I read a brief posting from one of my favorite Authors and Change Agents –  Seth Godin.

His article discussed the value of a great Recruiting Agent and how that relationship can help attract and acquire superb talent for your team and your organization.
The Recruiter-Client/Candidate/ Hiring Manager relationships has been misunderstood at times, praised at times and at others times  it has been under-appreciated. Both the Recruiter and the Client can benefit tremendously when the relationship is a positive and effective one. Several things are needed to allow the relationship to become  successful: trust, candor, communication, commitment and common sense.

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Throughout the annals of human history, the most difficult thing humans have been asked to do is to change themselves. This change is often not a singular seismic event but instead, it is more often a series of methodically incremental steps which is at once both perilous and promising.

As M.Scott Peck noted in his masterpiece work The Road less Traveled, ‘life is hard’.  Indeed, life is hard but why is it so?  Is this an inevitable situation?  Is it a progressive condition? What, if anything can be done to make it easy or at least easier?