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When is it OK to be unethical?


Stan's image 1There are a multitude of books, authors and public speakers that can provide an opinion on this topic, but how many of them are available to you just at the moment when you encounter difficult situations?  Unless you just finished reading a book or listened to a speaker that detailed just the experience that you are encountering, then you are left to fall back on the basic tenets of good ethical behavior, probably taught to you by your parents, coaches and business leaders.

Ethical dilemmas can occur at anytime and anywhere in your journey through your personal and your business life.  I don’t plan to talk about an issue in someone’s personal life as I will leave that to be guided by parents, religion and your own life experiences.  However, I would like to talk about the challenges of facing such a situation in the business world.  In particular, I would like to talk about the recruiting process and the behavior of the parties on both sides of the interview process.

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Dreams of your Childhood


What happened to that YOU?

You know, that YOU that wanted to conquer the world, climb Everest, be Prime Minister, be  a CEO, design great fashion, be that  great change agent and live your great life.

There was a time when that YOU were so confident,  happy, brilliant,  fearless and optimistic. The future was going to be what YOU wanted, how YOU dreamt it- that future was going to be  yours. That was a time when that YOU  laughed out loud, jumped into puddles, was carefree, happy,  confident,  that read day and night and dreamt of what your world could and would be. So, what happened?

Somewhere along the road of your journey, that brilliant YOU got side tracked, kidnapped or ran off the road.

At times that YOU can also be hijacked, stolen and be judged and discouraged. It is often done even by those who were supposed to support, encouraged,  defend and stand up for YOU; those who may have said YOU can’t, YOU will not; YOU should not and must not. They may have even  told you that YOU are not that special, not that bright, not that beautiful, not that  handsome, not that smart, not unique and that you didn’t matter……….. I say and believe the opposite. I believe, that, that YOU is waiting to be rescued, resurrected, rejuvenated, re-invented and then championed. That YOU, the one that you have missed for far too long, is still out there.

YOU do matter. YOU can be brilliant again. So, together, let’s go and rebuild the brand that is YOU.

Your Personal Brand matters because it’s your best YOU.



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Recently, I had an excellent chat with a good friend, a superb entrepreneur and just an overall good guy. He mentioned to me that one of his successful clients told him that he always bets on the Jockey and never the Horse when he attends the races. This process has produced fantastic results for him. As soon as he said it I realized that there was a not so subtle message in that statement that could apply to the way we transact business and build relationships.

To me,  this meant that we should focus more on the individual; the person with whom we are building the relationship and not necessarily the business or the project or the brand they are associated with at the moment. When we invest in the person, when we pay close attention to the ‘who’ instead of the ‘what’ we are then able to make better decisions about the individual ( their own “personal brand”).

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If you visit Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal,  then travel north into the Helambu region you will find a group of people known as Sherpas.  These people are hardy like the land they occupy. Through the centuries, they have adapted physically to the high altitudes they traverse and they are expert guides for climbers wishing to conquer the Himalayans.  Tenzing Norgay was perhaps the most famous of all the Sherpas.

A Sherpa should not be confused with being a Porter – a carrier of supplies and equipment – their value is in guiding not carrying.  In fact, they are paid handsomely when compared to Porters and they proudly make this distinction to all who will listen.

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A few weeks ago, I read a brief posting from one of my favorite Authors and Change Agents –  Seth Godin.

His article discussed the value of a great Recruiting Agent and how that relationship can help attract and acquire superb talent for your team and your organization.
The Recruiter-Client/Candidate/ Hiring Manager relationships has been misunderstood at times, praised at times and at others times  it has been under-appreciated. Both the Recruiter and the Client can benefit tremendously when the relationship is a positive and effective one. Several things are needed to allow the relationship to become  successful: trust, candor, communication, commitment and common sense.

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Throughout the annals of human history, the most difficult thing humans have been asked to do is to change themselves. This change is often not a singular seismic event but instead, it is more often a series of methodically incremental steps which is at once both perilous and promising.

As M.Scott Peck noted in his masterpiece work The Road less Traveled, ‘life is hard’.  Indeed, life is hard but why is it so?  Is this an inevitable situation?  Is it a progressive condition? What, if anything can be done to make it easy or at least easier?