About Michael

mc22 (2)Michael spent the bulk of his career hunting for number ones. Despite a very successful foray into Sales and Customer Service, it was the 20+ years running his own thriving recruiting firm that defined him. From pharmaceuticals to branding to consumer packaged goods, Michael was unrelenting when it came to finding top talent…

He built a reputation for being methodical and caring to both the candidates and his corporate clients alike. But he was the antithesis of the quick, fulfillment recruiting-style that was popular in its heyday. Late night phone calls from candidates looking for advice outside of their job search was commonplace. What Michael didn’t know back then was that he was coaching well before the field became a buzz word. But what he did know was that he had found his calling.
What truly distinguishes Michael is his ability to break down complex ideas. He is a story teller by nature, which makes him both easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to. He is an attentive listener, has an innate ability to get to the heart of a matter, and, he is fiercely loyal and dedicated.

The culmination of his experience, passions and talents have given birth to Leap Agents – a firm dedicated to propelling people forward. Whether it’s cultivating a better life, realizing their goals or hiring the best talent, every single aspect of his business is custom tailored to the precise needs of his customers.